Albert Rademacher, owner of the company "Silhouette und miniNatur", is the founder and developer of an ever-growing trend of highly detailed model landscapes. 
"Plants are living things with extremely fine details; one needs to abstract heavily when scaling down. This gives birth to a "landscape design" so to speak. Moreover, every tree is an individual, but only handcraft can create individuals and thereby create a highly realistic effect", says Albert Rademacher

The appearance of the trees is not only defined by trunks and branches, but even the leaf shapes form individual structures. This elaborate and realistic imitation could be achieved with the development of special production process.

 The (model-) landscape is naturally not just influenced by trees; the ground vegetation must also be of equal quality and boast of realistic imitation. To recreate the appropriate structures, an assortment of grass mats have been developed, which offers the advantage of conscious designing as against the usual use of flock and electrostatics. With the combination of different grass mats with grass tufts, strips and flowers as well, a deceptively real portrayal of the actual nature comes into being.

Our fine-scale products fulfill the highest quality requirements. Thus, all trees by Silhouette and Mininatur are handcrafted by a special method. All products are color fast and material of genuine quality. In addition, they are extremely easy to clean. Shortly, we will also provide maintenance instructions for this.

Please note that since each and every tree is handcrafted, there can be slight deviations from the trees shown here.
We also make individual models to suit your tastes and needs. Contact us and request for your own personal offer.