Repair service

All products manufactured by RTS always use high-quality components and components in order to achieve a high level of reliability and service life. Should it happen that a defect occurs in your RTS product, we always strive to provide a quick and easy repair service.

By purchasing the device from, you have a contractual relationship with This contractual relationship applies to the entire service process.

In the event of a warranty claim, is therefore responsible for processing this free of charge for you. If an RTS product is purchased directly from the end customer via the manufacturer RTS, then RTS is the contractual partner of the end customer and in this case the service is handled by RTS. Of course, you will not incur any repair costs during the warranty period, provided that the error we have identified complies with the statutory warranty conditions. Before sending in the complained product, it should be checked by your specialist dealer in order to rule out incorrect operation/installation.

Within the warranty period

  1. Send your defective device with a copy of the purchase receipt and a precise description of the error to, Scharnitzer Str. 26, 82166 Gräfelfing, keyword “warranty” (When sending a copy of the purchase receipt, make sure that it is in printed form and not is in handwritten form. Handwritten proof of purchase will not be accepted).
  2. will send the device to the RTS service center for further processing.
  3. After the repair we will send the device back to you.

Outside the warranty period

  • Send your device to, Scharnitzer Str. 26, 82166 Gräfelfing, keyword “repair request” – we will then send the device to RTS and, if desired, request a cost estimate.
  • If a cost estimate is requested, we will inform you of the costs of the repair. You can then decide whether the repair should be carried out. If you decide against the repair, you will be charged the inspection fee and shipping costs for the return.
  • If a cost estimate is not requested, the device will be repaired immediately and will send the repaired device back to you.
    We will then invoice you for the costs incurred as a result of the repair.

After the repair

We guarantee that the delivered goods are free of defects and manufacturing defects at the time of transfer of risk and have the contractually guaranteed properties.

We assume no liability for defects or damage resulting from improper use, non-observance of application instructions or incorrect or negligent handling.

Wear and consumable parts such as fuses, batteries, rechargeable batteries, lamps, etc. are also excluded from the warranty, provided that the defects are a result of natural wear and tear and this is permitted by law.